Spray & Traditional Plastering, Liquid Screed

Spray Plastering

Airless spray plastering is a clean and fast way to apply a skim finish to your walls. It can be sprayed through an airless pump allowing large areas to be covered in a day. The product comes ready mixed so there is no need for water to be onsite and there is minimal waste, as little as 1%.
Airless plaster is generally dry between 24-48 hours ready for painting. To add to the long list of advantages for this product it dry’s bright white allowing a coat of paint to be missed saving time and money.

  Spray Plaster Interior airless spray plastering.
  Spray Render Exterior airless spray rendering
  Spray Paint Interior & exterior spray painting
  Liquid Screed Smooth and level surface ready for your floor finish
  Traditional Plastering Prefer traditional plastering? We still do it!
  Dry Lining Walls & ceilings plaster boarded & decorated

Traditional Wet Plastering Service Residential & Commercial

Traditional Plastering

Although most of our contracts are now for spray plastering, we do still offer our traditional plastering & rendering services. We appreciate that not everyone is ready to move to the spray plaster method, yet which is why we still offer the traditional plastering service.

This is how we originally started in the plastering & rendering trade, with many years’ experience and many happy clients. We still enjoy the traditional methods and guarantee you will be happy with our work.

All jobs considered, including: 

  New Builds




Liquid Screed – Fast Drying Screed Specialists

Looking for quality domestic or commercial liquid screed company to provide a smooth, level surface floor?
Why use our liquid screed service instead of traditional sand and cement screed?

  Quicker to install – Increases Install capacity per day.
  Faster setting with less shrinkage and cracking.
  Self-levelling screed flooring.
  Walk on it after 24hrs, rather than 7 days
  Quicker access for follow on trades.
  Better thermal values, especially when used over underfloor heating.
  No wastage.

Liquid Screed Over Underfloor Heating

With a reduced depth of liquid screed required to cover over underfloor heating, this allows for an increased thickness of insulation underneath and reduced floor screed to heat up, resulting in a more heat responsive system.

Liquid Screed Suppliers:

 Weber Bagged – Super fast drying liquid screed | Gyvlon Screed | Cemfloor Screed.

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