Rendering the exterior walls of your property is a great way of giving your home a facelift & protecting your investment. You could choose to do this for a number of reasons. replace existing pebbledash, old render & to enhance & waterproof your property. Render is waterproof unlike brick which is permeable. It is also a thermally superior to traditional building methods helping to keep properties warm. 

  • Through colour render is low maintenance. No need to decorate or repair the colour.
  • Weather resistant and durable – 30 year guarantee
  • Breathable, allowing air flow to the structure.
  • Polymer & Full Silicone Renders
  • Silicone Enhanced Renders
  • Scratch/Monocouche Render
  • Traditional Render
  • Traditional Pebbledash
  • Flexi System-Acrylic Texture Coating
  • Insulation Systems
  • Polymer Render with Pebbledash
  • Stone & Brick Pointing
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Weather Sealing
  • Stone Cladding
  • Spray Render Specialist
  • Spray rendering is faster reducing cost and time
  • 200no colours and a huge range of finishes

A lot of new build & self-builders choose render for the exterior walls of their property, development / investment. The benefits of render together with the aesthetic of brick & stone work can create a stunning exterior for any property. 

Costs & prices will differ and depend on various factors such as house type and location, please call for a free, no obligation quote or send us an email.

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