*** Suitable Works Eligibility Criteria: Minimum Order Value applicable on works under area of 100m2 .***

External Rendering

With 30 year min lifetime expectancy product backed quarantees included

Protecting Your Home

Rendering Leeds.
The best solution to improve the look of your home, protect it from the elements, & give it a whole new look is to render the external walls. Snugwalls have over 30 years of experience specifying & installing high performance external render systems and can help from the initial concept through to successful handover. We are fully accredited & insured external render system installers. Provided it is specified & chosen wisely and applied correctly, house rendering provides an easy way to cover up unattractive brickwork, as well as lending a crisp, simple finish to modern house designs. It can also be used to completely transform a dated-looking house into something unrecognisable. When looking for house rendering ideas, it is important to delve a little further into the different types of product out there in order to be able to make an informed decision when it comes to the right one for you.



To protect the underlying walling material from the effects of weathering and rainwater penetration
To provide an attractive appearance to the house.
Through colour render is low maintenance. No need to decorate or repair the colour.
200 no colours and a huge range of finishes.
Weather resistant and durable.
30 year minimum lifetime expectancy product backed guarantees.
Breathable, allowing air flow to the structure.
Rendering Leeds, rendering Leeds.


A lot of new build & self-builders choose render for the exterior walls of their property, development / investment. The benefits of render together with the aesthetic of brick & stone work can create a stunning exterior for any property.

These days there is an ever-growing range of house rendering products. From the more traditional lime renders, popular with renovators and those extending period houses, to those that also provide insulation and through-coloured renders. i.e. Polymer Renders, Silicone Enhanced Renders, Full Silicone Renders. Traditional Render, Traditional Pebbledash, Flexi System-Acrylic Texture Coating. Insulation Systems, Scratch Renders, Polymer Render with Pebbledash. Stone & Brick Pointing, Chemical Cleaning, Weather Sealing, Stone Cladding, Spray Renders.

So if you are want your property rendered or re-rendered please get in touch with “Snugwalls” today.

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