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External Wall Insulation

With Local Authority Building Regulations Approval Included

Snugwalls have over 30 years of experience in refurbishment using External Wall Insulation (EWI). We can help from the initial design concept through to the successful handover.

Protecting Your Home

Purchasing your own home will be one of the biggest commitments you undertake during your life time.
It’s therefore an investment that needs to be pro-actively maintained and cared for.
The walls’ protective coatings are specifically developed for each house type in line with the customers’ expectations, finish and budgetary requirements.

By undertaking any of our exterior walls coating and rendering systems with our specialist teams you will enjoy the benefits of a maintenance free solution to traditional painting. This will provide additional waterproofing, increase the property’s commercial value, achieve reductions on energy bills and your insulation choice of finish will give your home a fresh new look with fantastic road side appeal


We offer our services throughout the Yorkshire region and have highly satisfied customers in North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and all surrounding areas. Enquiries outside of the Yorkshire region are welcome and we would be happy to quote on an individual basis.

External Wall Insulation – Existing Properties

Benefits:  Existing Properties built with solid walls or for non-traditionally built properties such as concrete Levitt “Cartwright & Wimpey “No Fines”, retaining the properties heat can be extremely costly & prove difficult as the thermal properties of the existing walls allow quick transfer of heat from the internal wall to the external wall. This can increase energy bills and make budgeting through winter difficult. Often the external walls of these properties can degrade a lot quicker due to damp and moisture leading to wider scale structural issues & defects.

The best solution to tackle both the poor thermal performance and increase the weather proofing is to wrap the exterior walls, which is available with a variety of insulation materials and finishes to compliment any suitable property. The most common and cost effective insulation typical used on refurbishment projects is Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) coupled with a polymer enhanced dash or silicone finish. For high rise, premises with multiple occupancy or timber framed properties, the insulation most suitable would be mineral wool due to being non-combustible. Specialist finishes are also available including brick effect render, brick slips and feature details such as header courses & quoins

Often missed additional benefits of EWI include:

Increased acoustic insulation, reduction of future maintenance to external walls and aesthetic improvements giving the building a new lease of life. Due to the improved thermal performance, the building’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) can increase dramatically, reducing the energy demand and reducing fuel bills. Furthermore, a property treated with EWI typically increases in value by up to 36%, in some parts on England, based on a case study conducted by government.

(DECC) Upgrading properties with External Wall Insulation also has wider community benefits such as increasing resident’s pride in their area as well as their homes, which is why External Wall Insulation plays an impressive & remarkable part in area regeneration schemes across the UK. Evidence is getting gathered to unveil that refurbishment of existing housing can be far more cost effective than redevelopment as well as being quicker to tackle the growing housing crisis, bringing unused, unloved 20th Century housing back into the 21st Century.

Snugwalls have over 30 years of experience in refurbishment using External Wall Insulation (EWI) and can help from the initial design concept through to the successful handover.
Costs & prices will differ and depend on various factors such as house type and location, please call for a free, no obligation quote or send us an email.

Check out these benefits:

  Up to 45% savings on annual energy bills, Improves Thermal Efficiency

   Great for your environment, Increases longevity, Improves appearance

  BBA Approved Min 30 year life time expectancy guarantee, Completely maintenance free

  It eliminates cold bridges in property walls, Eliminates condensation & mould growth

   Reduces noise intrusion, It pushes the dew point out to help prevent condensation and damp

   It protects the structural fabric of buildings from the elements & provides a new, improved look

  Creates an even temperature throughout your property & adds value to any property

  Building Regulations Conformity, legal building certificate issued on completion

External Wall Insulation – New Build



Progressively more & more builder’s & developers are looking for smarter, quicker and more cost effective solutions to turn design into finished build and are favouring steel or concrete frame with lightweight external walls constructed using Steel Framing System (SFS) & insulated render system.

Using these methods to build are easier and quicker erection and weather proofing of the building leading to faster fit out times & completion, flexibility in achieving end ‘U’ Values & easier integration of a variety of exterior finishes.

Through early alliance with Architects, highly cost effective and quick builds can be achieved with state of the art finishes, materials and designs incorporating curves, edges and feature details as well as incorporating traditional elements.

These methods also allow for more innovative thinking when utilising existing space, i.e. allowing additional new build floors to be added to existing buildings whilst also encapsulating the entire exterior as one. This provides builders & developers with real commercial advantages when considering projects and setting out budget proposals.

The use of insulated render exteriors is becoming more prevalent on both commercial and domestic developments alike, with an increasing number of retailers choosing to build their stores using these methods.

Snugwalls have over 30 years of experience in the insulated exterior market and can help from the initial design through to successful handover.

Costs & prices will differ and depend on various factors such as house type and location, please call for a free, no obligation quote or send us an email.

Key benefits of our External Wall Insulation Systems include:

  High Performance BBA Certified System Products

  Reduced Heat loss by up to 45%

  Reduce Condensation

  Annual energy cost savings of up to £575.00

  Protect & Prolong the external fabric of the building

  Improve external appearance of the building

  Keep Cool in the summer

  Increase the value of your home and road side appeal

  No reduction of interior living space

Transform your home and increase its value whilst keeping out the cold.

Don’t freeze another winter – ever wondered where all the heat went?

Heat loss from a room occurs in two ways

1. By ventilation
2. Through fabric (walls, floor, ceiling and windows)

Installing Solid Wall Insulation requires high levels of expertise and knowledge.

Solid Wall Insulation should always involve the use of a fully accredited system designer, certified system installer & local authority Building Regulations Compliance

Each system typically consists of a layer of insulation; this is fixed to the substrate by adhesive and / or mechanical fixings, a render coat with an embedded reinforcing mesh, followed by a decorative render finish coat. This can be smooth, textured, pebble dashed or brick effect / brick slips, depending on the customer’s choice of finish & Local Planning Restrictions.

Please contact us with any enquiries or requests for Certification conformations, we will be glad to help you by providing any additional information to help you to decide on your purchasing of a suitable external wall insulation system for your property.

System product samples, brochure or further specification material available on request.

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