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Progressively more & more builder’s & developers are looking for smarter, quicker and more cost effective solutions to turn design into finished build and are favouring steel or concrete frame with lightweight external walls constructed using Steel Framing System (SFS) & insulated render system.


Using these methods to build are easier and quicker erection and weather proofing of the building leading to faster fit out times & completion, flexibility in achieving end ‘U’ Values & easier integration of a variety of exterior finishes.


Through early alliance with Architects, highly cost effective and quick builds can be achieved with state of the art finishes, materials and designs incorporating curves, edges and feature details as well as incorporating traditional elements.


These methods also allow for more innovative thinking when utilising existing space, i.e. allowing additional new build floors to be added to existing buildings whilst also encapsulating the entire exterior as one. This provides builders & developers with real commercial advantages when considering projects and setting out budget proposals.


The use of insulated render exteriors is becoming more prevalent on both commercial and domestic developments alike, with an increasing number of retailers choosing to build their stores using these methods.

Snugwalls have over 30 years of experience in the insulated exterior market and can help from the initial design through to successful handover.

Costs & prices will differ and depend on various factors such as house type and location, please call for a free, no obligation quote or send us an email.

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