Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is a core Snugwalls value

We believe that to be truly socially responsible within an ever-changing corporate world, strong community values need to be woven into the very core of a business; this is certainly the case for Snugwalls.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) affects everyone. From the Hundreds of people our projects support each year – to the dedicated teams that represent us – our commitment to adopting ethical practices is a crucial aspect of our company’s overall ethos to deliver cost effective, high quality construction, building maintenance & renovation solutions that provide innovative design solutions to environmentally improve, economically develop and socially enhance any area we do business in, enabling the elevation of the community.

This creates a better lifestyle for residents, & we strive to encourage residents to take pride in a greener and cleaner, more sustainable approach to living, boosting the kerb appeal of a local community. 

Responsible  business

We integrate economic, environmental and social considerations into our strategic decision-making and are proactive in minimising the negative impacts of our operations; we are committed to raising the standards of CSR across our industry.

Supporting Local Economies

We adopt a ‘think local’ approach to service delivery. This positively benefits local economies, creating more jobs and driving money into local businesses to promote the growth and development of local enterprise.

Environmental Responsibility

We aim to eliminate or significantly reduce any negative impact upon the environment by setting environmental targets & objectives. We address our carbon footprint by closely monitoring energy usage within our business. Diversion of waste from landfill is maximised through detailed waste management programs, i.e segregation of site waste at source, recycling agreements within key supply chains.

Community Investment & Charitable Activities

Every Snugwalls employee is afforded a day each year to volunteer their skills on community project or a charitable cause.

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